DHV Hang Gliding Meeting 2016 – photo coverage


The meeting  organized by the DHV was held at Halblech-Buching near Tegelberg (Neuschwanstein), Germany.

The three-day event  aimed at the promotion of hang gliding, exchanging new ideas and sharing  the experience.

The program  included:

  • Free flying from Tegelberg, Buchenberg.
  • Flights with aerotowin.
  • Tandem flights with aerotowing.
  • Hang glider training for beginners – presenting innovative methods of towing.
  • Lectures and discussions on modern flight technology with Lufthansa pilot Peter Cröniger.
  • Lectures and discussions on safety and hang gliding development.
  • Exhibition at A.I.R Factory.
  • Display of hang gliders, components and accessories with demonstration.
  • Air show together with the World Champions such as Tim Grabowski, Alex Ploner, top German  pilots and  teams.
  • Evening party for all pilots and guests.



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